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Laser-cut Kit "Budgie Buddies" #madewithflexifuse

Presenting our newest and cutest laser-cut kit, ""Budgie Buddies"!

Designed by Sew Quirky, these two birds of a feather are sure to take flight with your heart! They are perfectly sized for a tote, jacket, shirt, hoop, or mini quilt! Add these two sweethearts to your collection today! Click HERE to get your kit!

Follow along below as Ashley shows you how to put this project together.


  • Ashley

    Hello Linda!
    Yes I have only partially stitched around the budgies! I did the embroidery first, since that is my favorite part. It’s a work in progess. ;)
    I will have to finish stitching everything down before washing. FlexiFuse is not a permanent adhesive so it will separate in the wash if it is not stitched down. This is my first ever applique on a jacket, the pieces that are smaller I may hand stitch down just for sake of accuracy.

  • Linda Pucillo

    Very cute. I have always stitched down appliqué and was surprised that this wasn’t. My question is, will this hold up to washing? When I saw how small the pieces are for this pattern, I thought it cute but not for me as I couldn’t figure out how to stitch down such small pieces. Also, will the edges start to loosen with wear? Always enjoy these videos. You are very talented.

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