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FREE Pattern: Gingerbread House #madewithflexifuse

Hello everyone!

I know we've had a bit of a hiatus with the free patterns, and I apologize! Life gets away with the best of us sometimes and we've had to do a little bit of rearranging as a FlexiFuse team to best meet the needs of our employees and of course our customers! We're starting out 2022 with this cozy gingerbread cottage that will be perfect for your winter décor! 

I decided to try something new out with this pattern and it is FELT. I have never worked with felt as a medium before but I love the texture and feel of it and I really wanted to test how well FlexiFuse would fuse with it. I was so happy with the results! It gave it a very homey feel to the pattern, and gave me all sorts of ideas...maybe branching off into some 3D projects, so stay tuned!!

Some things I learned while working with felt:

1:Make sure that you have a wool blend felt, other blends may melt with use of an iron, especially with the pressing time it takes to adhere the fusible to the felt. (minimum 10 seconds)

2.Felt likes to fuse to itself, but takes a little extra time and heat to press to a background fabric, especially the flannel I used. It was a good thing I got right to stitching it down, I had to repress a few spots I hadn't pressed well enough. (FlexiFuse is not permanent, so it should be stitched down anyway)

3. It was surprisingly easy to stitch through! (thanks to the FlexiFuse), I was expecting a little resistance, especially in the spots where it is 4 layers deep, but I had NO problems. It was super easy project to try out on my "new-to-me" machine!

3. I like working with felt and I like the dimension it created. I have so many ideas now!

Is there a medium/fabric that you have been wanting to try with FlexiFuse, but are nervous to do so? Please email us at and let Ashley know! We will test it out and feature our results!

Now what you have REALLY been waiting for...the FREE PATTERN!



  • Ronelle

    I love gingerbread houses! Thank you SO much for the gorgeous pattern.

  • Robin K

    Thank you. Everyone likes a gift, luckily you send one every month. I enjoy them all.


    What a wonderful little pattern…just love it! Of course I love gingerbread houses too! I can see you can do a lot with this pattern and some creativity. I have some pre-fused gingerbread guys and gals that will go wonderfully with this gingerbread house. Maybe make a nice wall hanging? Anyway, thank you for offering this to everyone along with the tips in using felt! Great way to start 2022!

  • Margo

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • Margo

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • Cindy E.

    I love this pattern – thank you so much for sharing it! I think it will be the first pattern I use the free pack of Flexi-fuse with that you sent me. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Thanks again for everything!

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