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Free Pattern: United States #madewithflexifuse

Today, I tried something new! We have announced that FlexiFuse can be printed on using Inkjet printers and I wanted to try it out for myself. I was not feeling like tracing all those states, especially all the small ones! I can now tell you it was a success!!

Here are my tips for printing on your FlexiFuse sheets:

  • Only feed 1 sheet at a time through your printer, it's tedious, but worth it.
  • INKJET PRINTERS ONLY. Seriously. Unless you're trying to come up with an excuse for a new printer. Then go for it! (Please don't.)
  • Make sure your templates are formatted for the 8x10 sheets. Lucky for you, I already format all these free patterns to that size!

Now that I can skip all the hand-ache and heartache of tracing a bajillion pieces, I can just cut them out roughly and get to fusing! AND they're already numbered.

As my kids would say, "Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy."


Download the free United States applique pattern HERE, and then follow along with Ashley on our YouTube channel as she uses the pattern using bright and fun Hoffman batiks!


  • Mary Grafstrom

    I would love to receive your pattern. So kind of you to offer this!,

  • Judy

    I am so excited to find this thanks


    I love this pattern. What a fun project. Can’t wait to try it.

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