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FREE Pattern: Valentines Cards #madewithflexifuse

I have always loved a heartfelt or homemade gift more than anything store-bought. It just shows the effort and care that the person giving the gift has for me. I love making gifts as well, and putting that extra love, time and effort on something that I know that the gift receiver will love. I love creating and bringing my own flair to gifts. So for this month's free pattern we have templates for you to bring your own flair to Valentines' Day Cards! (There are also some premade card templates so all you have to do is add the applique). Get your free pattern HERE:


  • Ginny McCann

    I fuse the flex-fuse to a piece of fabric a little bigger than the pieces I want to cut and then pin the pattern piece to the fused fabric and cut out the design on the stitching lines. This way there is no fusible in the seam allowances and your blocks stitch together without the extra bulk of the fusible in the seam allowance.

  • Ashley

    Thank you Dawn! I had a lot of fun making them!

    I would use your cutouts to trace on the paper side of the FlexiFuse, cut it out and then line them up with your fabric. The extra 1/4 inch I use is mainly for a buffer for error and to make sure that the FlexiFuse completely bonds to the edges. So when you go to iron your cutouts, do your cutout fabric wrong side up, then your traced and cutout FlexiFuse template paper side up same as the video, you will just have exact edges instead of the 1/4 inch buffer. You could even slide some parchment paper between your iron and the FlexiFuse to be extra safe. I hope this helps! Please email me at info@flexifuse if you need further help.

  • Dawn Tenneson

    These cards are adorable – thank you so much!!!

  • Barbara Ebert

    I have fabric cut outs already and do not have to trace them on the paper, but want the flexi fuse them on to a background and don’t know how to do this, don’t have to trace them and then cut out with a 1/4” around them before l am able to fuse on the last step before they go on the background . Because they are already cut into the Scotties and don’t know how to skip the first two steps,? Please inform me how to do this so that l don’t get everything stuck on my iron. Sorry this sounds confusing but want to make s quilt with them. HELP!!

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