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Make personalized cards for any occasion using FlexiFuse?? Sign me up!

Thank you to Ashley Greer, our guest poster who created darling birthday and Valentine's Day cards using FlexiFuse and fabric! Here's what she shared about her creative experience:


Hey guys! Ashley here. Lately, I've kind of been obsessed with making cute cards! My new favorite medium is fabric. I like that it gives me the patterns I want without having to hand draw the entire image, but gives a softer texture than using scrapbook paper. Also, using FlexiFuse takes the mess off my hands. 

Every time I use paper and glue it ends up every where. I'm not being dramatic... serious talk here. I am worse than my seven year old. Glue all over my hands, sprinkled with paper shards and of course, my favorite, glitter. EVERY. TIME. It's the main reason I gave up scrap-booking as a hobby. The cleanup was longer than the creative process. Definitely wasn't worth it. 

But check out this CUTE birthday card!!

I just whipped up a quick cupcake design, printed out my templates and got to it. All I had to do was trace my templates on FlexiFuse, adhere that to fabric, cut it out and iron it onto my card stock paper. EASY. PEASY. Best part, I was not covered in glue or tiny fabric confetti. It was so easy, I did it TWICE. Check out my last minute Valentine's card!

I "love" that the letters look like the gold balloons that I have been seeing all over my social media. I made it in under an hour and I think it turned out really cute!! Same process as the birthday card...I just whipped out a design and got to it! I think next on my list will be a congratulations card for my cousin's THAT could get really fun and I think maybe could use a few more embellishments! Thanks for reading...

xoxo-- Ashley


To download the free applique templates for cards, click here for the birthday card and here for the Valentine's Day card.



  • Madi @ FlexiFuse

    Hi Brenda!

    Yes, FlexiFuse is paper-backed and uses a reverse tracing method…However, you can try skipping the tracing step with our pre-printed fusible and patterns:

  • Brenda A

    I am guessing you would need to reverse your appliques with FlexiFuse as you would with other fusibles? Thanks!

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