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Noel #madewithflexifuse

I know, I know, Christmas is over. But how I wish it wasn't! This year, it was all out of wack for us. We usually celebrate a week early with my family and my step-kids, then my husband and I usually celebrate Christmas Eve somewhat separate (yay farming) and then celebrate Christmas morning with his family. This year we also MOVED the week after Christmas so I didn't even get to keep my Christmas decorations up for longer than a week. I feel like I totally missed out, because decorating for Christmas is my favorite. I am currently sitting in my new house still surrounded by boxes telling myself it is NOT a good idea to drag out all of my Christmas stuff-IF I could even find it. Luckily, I got to create this wonderful wintery truck and that helped me feel those warm fuzzies I feel like I missed out on!! Follow along with me on YouTube as I put together this super easy laser cut kit. Buy yours HERE

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  • Linda

    Absolutely beautiful.

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