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Sunshine and Rainbow Mug Rug

I had so much fun using this pattern! Like I've mentioned in other blog posts, this endless winter weather here in SE Idaho is GETTING to me. I am ready for more sunshine and melted snow and SPRING. I still have snow up to my knees in my yard. :'(
Doing spring and sunshine themed products have helped me keep my sanity. I was able to put this together with no more than 3 sheets of FlexiFuse, and had more to spare for my other projects! I was also able to finish in just a couple hours, I love projects that are quick, easy to follow and so gosh darn cute!
 Don't forget to check out amerooniedesigns and follow her on IG for more sweet and happy patterns!!
Get the Sunshine and Rainbow Mug rug HERE
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  • Sunshine

    This is a great project! Thank you! What kind of stitch do you use or might you use to sew the sun, cloud and rainbow down after they are pressed down onto the grey background? How do you decide the stitch type, length and width? Thank you!

  • Ashley

    Hello Barbara!
    I have replied to both of your previous notes, I left a response on the original blog post and I emailed you a response as well. Here is how I would use pre cut patterns with FlexiFuse:
    I would use your cutouts (reversed) to trace on the paper side of the FlexiFuse, cut it out and then line them up with your fabric. The extra 1/4 inch I use is mainly for a buffer for error and to make sure that the FlexiFuse completely bonds to the edges. So when you go to iron your cutouts, do your cutout fabric wrong side up, then your traced and cutout FlexiFuse template paper side up, same as the video, you will just have exact edges instead of the 1/4 inch buffer. You could even slide some parchment paper or use a pressing sheet between your iron and the FlexiFuse to be extra safe. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Barbara Ebert

    I have left a note before about asking you to explain how l can use pre-cut patterns, like the one l have is a Scottie dog with Flexi Fuse and never received an answer. Please let me know how to do it.

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