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We Want to Hear from YOU!

Hello readers! It's a bright sunny day here at the warehouse in Utah, but man is it still cold! I am so ready for spring and warm weather. 

I have been thinking lately about some of the questions I have received about FlexiFuse. It makes me wonder, how many of you have unanswered questions as well?

I would love to hear what is on your mind and answer any questions you have about our lightweight fusible web. I know we have a FAQ page on our site, but what is not covered there? Questions, you, as our customers, have run across while using this product? Or, have you not tried FlexiFuse because of the questions you have?

I am thinking about doing a Youtube mini-series on your questions and giving a visual answer and also writing a post here.

I also want to know what you want to see on our pages? More free patterns? More tutorials? More finished projects? More out-of-the-box ways to use this lightweight fusible?


Ok, maybe that was a tad "in-your-face" but in all honesty... what do you want to see from us??




  • Jamie

    Can you print directly onto Flexi-Fuse? I have an ink jet printer

  • Madi @ FlexiFuse

    Liz— We don’t currently have distributors in Australia/NZ. We hope to change that soon ;) Thanks for checking!

  • Madi @ FlexiFuse

    Hi Betty! The finished size of the wheelbarrow pattern is 25" square. Hope this helps! Thanks!

  • Madi @ FlexiFuse

    Tammy and Vickie — YES, you can run it through an inkjet printer (don’t put it through a laser printer!). You may have to play with the paper thickness settings, etc. It will just depend largely on what printer make/model you have, as it varies widely. We print on FlexiFuse regularly, and have pre-printed pattern bundles available here:

  • Madi @ FlexiFuse

    Ruth— I’m sorry to hear that was your experience! We have had many, many stitchers rave about the soft hand of FlexiFuse and the easiness of pulling needles through multiple layers of fabric and fusible, and as a quilter myself, I’ve done embroidery on top of applique with FlexiFuse without any hiccups. Please contact our customer service team at (208) 960-6051 with any questions or concerns you have. Thank you for reaching out!

  • Ruth anderson

    Absolutely horrible to hand sew through!! A single layer tolerable but can hardly pull needle through any more layers that over lap. All I can say is it does not gum up needle like some others.

  • Tammy Berry

    I trace so many shapes for appliqué onto Flexi-fuse for appliqué. I wondered if I can run the 8 1/2 × 11 sheets through my inkjet printer instead of tracing. I am afraid to try it without checking with you.

  • Vickie

    Can I run it through my printer?

  • Betty Ratekin

    I just discovered your product. Made my first order today! Can’t wait to get acquainted with your product..
    What finished size is the wheel barrel pattern?

  • LIz Emtage

    Can you please advise if you have any distributors in Australia or New Zealand.

    Many thanks. Liz Emtage

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