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Bundle: Pattern and Preprinted FlexiFuse: "Christmas Mischief" by Madi Hastings

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These mischievous little tomte are here to cause some chaos and will steal your heart along the way! Designed by Madi Hastings, this wonderful bundle pack includes both the pattern and the pre-printed FlexiFuse template! This will cut out the step of tracing the pattern by hand; simply iron the fabric to the fusible, and cut out the pieces, ready for applique.

Bundle Includes:

Pattern (Full-size Layout Guide, Instructions for Assembly, Reversed Applique Templates, and Recommended Applique Techniques, Tips, and Tricks)

Pre-printed FlexiFuse Templates (FlexiFuse lightweight fusible web, printed with "Christmas Mischief" templates)

Finished Size: 64" x 80"

Block 1: 14" x 40"

Block 2: 14" x 33"

Block 3: 26" x 20"

Block 4: 26" x 32"

Block 5: 26" x 19" 

Block 6: 14" x 9"

Block 7: 14" x 29"

Block 8: 14" x 33"